A peek inside my art journal

It's therapeutic to express your emotions, mood, feelings, and thoughts through drawings and  journaling.  I'm not sure why it's so freeing and makes me feel so happy, but it does.  I love to draw girl faces, I guess because I have 3 beautiful girls that inspire me.  Sometimes I break out the acrylic paints, colored pencils, watercolors, and scrapbooking embellishments, but sometimes I just make pencil sketches.  Regardless, I always find it relaxing and a great way to renew my spirit.

Art journal old pics-1
Art journal old pics-1-2
Art journal old pics-1-4
Art journal old pics-1-3
Art journal old pics-1-5

I love keeping an art journal because it can be anything I want.  It's a reflection of me on any given day. 

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  1. Lovely work, I wish drawing and painting relaxed me, I just get frustrated that want I to paint and is in my brain, just doesn’t go down me arm and out through the paint brush!

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