Halloween Vault – Decorative Tags & Creative Cake Packaging

Hey Guys!  I have been digging into my old Halloween projects again, and came across this cute Trick or Treat tag that I made several years ago.

halloween tag It was very easy to make.  I added a large eyelet to a Ranger black tag, backed the tag with green pleated trim, and decorated with Crafty Secrets Creative Scraps, and Prima bling and flower.

halloween tag trick or treatLast week was the girls’ Fall Carnival at school.  I donated cakes for the cake walk game.  I bought a pack of mini fruit crumb cakes from Costco, and spruced them up with some creative packaging.  It was a super busy week, so I literally decided to package the cakes minutes before walking out of the door.  I wrapped them in parchment paper, taped the ends with canvas tape (freezer tape would have been better, but I only had artist supplies on hand), tied them with twine, and added a descriptive tag.  I really wish I had planned ahead, and had some Halloween tags made like this one to attach to my cakes, because that would have been the perfect touch.

decorative wrapped cakesThe girls had a great time, and it was a wonderful night.  Hopefully, someone enjoyed the little cakes.

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Oldie but Goodie – Halloween House

Hey Guys!  As most of you probably know, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!  I think it might be because of the crazy colors that you would normally never put together, or just the spookiness of it.  Regardless of the reason, I love it!

I thought it might be fun to share some of my all time favorite Halloween projects.  So, I opened up the Halloween project vault and found some oldies but goodies.  First up is my Halloween house that I designed for Basic Grey several years ago.  I had to dig deep to find this one, but it is definitely a fav.

Halloween House halloweenhouse-1-2 halloweenhouse-1-3 halloweenhouse-1-4 halloweenhouse-1-5 halloweenhouse-1-6 halloweenhouse-1-8I think the reason I like this little spooky house so much is the attention to detail.  I really put a lot of time adding tons of scary touches.  I hope you enjoy!  Be sure to come back next week for some more throwback projects.


Gender Neutral Birthday Card

Hi Everyone!  October is always a busy month for me.  We have three birthdays to celebrate at my house-Chris, Lily, and my Dad.  Since I was old enough to hold a crayon, I have been making homemade cards for my Dad.  One year I bought him a Hallmark card, and boy was I in trouble!  I am not sure I really need to give him a gift.  I think he would be perfectly content with just a card.  So, no matter how busy my schedule is, I always try to make time to put something together for him.  Here is the quickie card I made for him this year.

birthdaycard-1-3 I have to admit, I often struggle with making a card for him because I don’t do masculine very well.  I love girlie, shabby chic, and even grunge.  However, I find making anything for a guy a challenge.  I think this card would be great for a girl or guy.

birthday cardThe cupcakes that I Stickled are my fav! I think a little sparkle adds pizzazz to almost any project.  I hope you enjoyed!  Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you soon! xx



Autumn is in the Air – Halloween Card to Share!

Hello Everyone!  It is hard to believe autumn is here!  The weather is cooling, the  leaves are beginning to change colors, and the mums are in full bloom here in Virginia.  These are all of the wonderful signs that Halloween is on its way!

fall leavesToday I have a simple little Halloween card to share with you to get you in the Halloween mood.  I made it using the Steampunk Spells collection by Graphic 45, Bazzill 8.5×11 Prismatic cardstock (cut at 5.5″ on the 11″ side to create enough for 2 cards) as a base, and Prima wooden heart button and jute trim.  However, the design is very simply layers of tags and diecut shapes that could be achieved with any paper and embellishments.

graphic 45 steampunk spells halloween card

halloween card steampunk spellsHalloween cardI hope you enjoyed!  Thanks for stopping by!


Art Journal Page Do-over

Through my experiences teaching, I cannot tell you how many times I run into people who are afraid, or too intimidated, to try new techniques or forms of art.  All too often the response is, “I’m no good at that!,” or, “That’s too hard for me!,” or the most dreaded of all, “Mine would never look that pretty!” Because of these fears they never even try.

I think there is a misconception that artists just pick up a brush or paper and instantly create a masterpiece.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Artists practice their craft, hone their skills, and soak up knowledge like a sponge. We have good days when the art flows like water from a waterfall, and some days it is like pulling teeth.

Obviously, there are crafts that some people will like and not like.  I personally like art journaling, mini albums, cardmaking, canvas, and altered art the most.  I am not a jewelry maker.  I admire and appreciate the process, and the gorgeous pieces that people make.  I tried it, resin and all, and it was not my thing.  However, if you ARE interested in something do not let your fear of trying stop you from giving it a shot.  It might take more than one attempt, but that is okay.  It is all about the process…learning, growing, experimenting.

art journalHere is a perfect example.  I created this page weeks ago.  I had a vision in my head of what the page should look like.  It was not turning out at all the way I expected.  Obviously, it needed journaling, but beyond that I hated the colors, the butterflies were wonky…it was just all wrong.  It did not come together the first try.  So, I put it down for weeks unfinished until I was feeling more creative.

artjournalflowers-1I came back to it, and immediately I thought about everything I hated about it and started fixing it.  I was feeling it!  I  stamped, stenciled, painted, collaged, and it was coming together.  I looked up some inspirational quotes online about friends & flowers.  I hand wrote them around the petals and leaves.  This was more like my vision.

artjournalflowersandfriends-1-4artjournalflowersandfriends-1-3artjournalflowersandfriends-1-2artjournalflowers-1-2This page made me think of my dear friend, Carol Paige.  Last week we took a trip to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden for the butterfly exhibit and lunch in the park.  Here are some pics of our lovely day.  I am sure it will inspire some great project down the road.

Lewis GinterLewisGinterButterflies9-14-1-2LewisGinterButterflies9-14-1-3LewisGinterButterflies9-14-1-4LewisGinterButterflies9-14-1-6LewisGinterButterflies9-14-1-5LewisGinterButterflies9-14-1-7LewisGinterButterflies9-14-1-86a0115711511ff970b017d3e7b87bd970c-pi