Video Classes Archive – “Gypsy Journeys Portfolio” Travel Journal

Hi Everyone!  As I announced last week, I am converting my old Ustream Channel classes and workshops into YouTube videos and archiving them here on the blog under the “Videos” tab at the top of the page.  The kits for these classes are no longer available due to discontinued product, however I hope you will still enjoy the projects and techniques.  Archiving them here on the blog will hopefully make them easier for you to find and enjoy.  These videos are live recordings with real-time chat.

Today, I am sharing with you this super cute vintage-inspired traveling portfolio book video workshop that is packed with little tricks and techniques.  I had so much fun teaching this class online and in person.  I know, I always say that, but it is soooo true!!

Vintage Portfolio Folder Book

Vintage Portfolio Folder Book-1-4

Vintage Portfolio Folder Book-1-6 Vintage Portfolio Folder Book-1-5After the class I did a blog post with a little twist using a Tim Holtz small ring binder in the spine.  Curious?  Click here to read the post.  I guess you could say, I kicked it up a notch :)  Enjoy!

Thanks for watching!  I hope to have more projects archived soon.


Video Classes Archive – “Spread Your Wings” Mixed Media Burlap Mini Book

Hi Everyone!  I am in the process of archiving my video classes from UStream.  I am converting them over to YouTube videos, to avoid the advertisements from UStream, and archiving them here on the blog under the “Videos” tab at the top of the page.  I hope this makes it easier to find more of my work here on the blog, and inspires you to create.

I taught these classes a few years ago in person and online, and kits were sold to accompany the classes.  Due to discontinued product, the kits are no long available, however the classes are chock-full of techniques and ideas I believe you will still enjoy.

Burlap Mini Album Video ClassBurlap Mini Album ScrapbookFirst up is the video of one of my favorite mini books.  I love the texture of the burlap, and the mixed cardstock and chipboard pages.

Remember, these classes were recorded live with real-time chat.  While I am teaching this project I am chatting with viewers and students.  Feel free to fast forward, or rewind.

Burlap Mini Book


I am a contributor for the Autumn 2014 issue of…

I have some wonderful news to share with you guys!  I was contacted a few months ago by the editor from one of Stampington & Company’s magazines, one of my very favorite publishers, asking me if I would like to be a contributor for one of their Autumn 2014 publications.  After I made certain one of my best friends wasn’t punking me :) , I believe my response was something like, “Are you kidding me?  Absolutely!” It was all I could do to keep from saying, “HELL YEAH!”   But, I was trying to be professional.

It has been a dream of mine, that for some reason I have never pursued, to be published in a Stampinton & Company publication.  It is a very special honor to be a contributor in Artful Blogging Autumn 2014 magazine with my article titled “Art as a Transcending Experience” for many reasons.

My artwork has been published in other magazines, but this is my very first contributing article.  Usually I provide the photos or artwork, and the magazine does the rest (except for online publications).  This time I was given the opportunity to write.  At first I almost had a panic attack because I thought, “I’m not a writer!!”  Then, Bob, who always grounds me, reminded me that the editor read my blog and saw the photos of my artwork, and that is why she chose me.  So, once I pulled myself off the ceiling, I told my story.  I went back to the very painful beginning of my journey, and poured my heart and soul out onto those pages.  It could be boring, a little embarrassing, but hopefully also inspiring.

It also means so very much to me to be recognized for my entire blog, not just a single piece of artwork.  That is one of the biggest accomplishments of my career.  Blogging is one of my favorite aspects of what I do.  My blog is a place where I share my work, inspire others, create friendship in this amazing art community, and is a little bit of therapy for me (I should be paying you guys the copay I’m saving :) ).

Artful Blogging MagazineYou can imagine how giddy I was opening my artist’s copy!

Artful Blogging Magazine Autumn 2014Here is a little peek at the inside.  The article runs from pages 22 to 29.  How awesome is that, eight pages?!?  One of my mini album pages with the girls’ photos was featured on an entire page.  After they saw it they asked, “Mommy, does this mean we’re famous?”  I giggled and said, “Considering how much all of my Facebook friends like you guys, probably.”

Artful Blogging Autumn 2014 is coming out August 1st.  You can pick it up at any book seller that carries Stampington & Company magazines (such as Somerset Studio, Art Journaling, Somerset Memories just to name a few) such as Barnes & Noble.

I will be receiving a shipment of magazines that should be available to ship by August 1st.  If you are interested in reserving a copy from me with a personalized note, drop me an email at for payment info.


Kids’ Summer Craft Project – Coffee Filter Poppies

Hi Everyone!  Keeping with our kids’ summer crafts theme, today I am sharing coffee filter poppies.  I love projects for the the kids that involve simple, inexpensive supplies that can easily be found around the house.  For this project all you need is coffee filters, and watercolor paints.

Coffee Filter Poppies-1-3They could not be easier to make, and are fun for all skill levels.  Start by creating petals, leaving the center blank (not to worry if the little kids color the entire flower).  Add a little yellow in the center, then outline it with black.  For the older kids, let them dry, then go back in and add highlights with another layer of paint.

Coffee Filter Poppies-1-2Everyone will enjoy making these, and no 2 will look alike, which is the fun part!  Once done, you can hang them like a banner from your fireplace, clip them to the frig or cork board, or cut them out to use in a collage.  We will be adding ours to a summer journal.

Happy summer crafting with the little guys!


Kids’ Summer Craft Project – Popsicle Bird feeder

Hey Everyone!  Summer is in full swing, and if you have little ones running around, I have a fun project to keep their little hands busy.  Every so often I like to have “craft day” at our house.  I pull out tons of art supplies, and let the girls have at it.  It is a wonderful way to have some family time, and who doesn’t love a good craft project?

Kids Craft ProjectsI thought it would be great fun to make bird feeders out of popsicle sticks.  This is a neat project for the entire family, and makes the birds happy.  We gathered our supplies, and took our crafting fun out onto the deck.

Kids Craft Project Birdfeeder-1-5 It is a simple project, and only requires popsicle sticks, glue, and twine or ribbon.  You start by laying out a square of sticks.  Then, add glue (either hot glue, or a fast drying tacky glue) to 2 sticks and place one at each end of the square .  Then, put a dot of glue in each corner, and add sticks to the other 2 sides.  Keep gluing sticks into place, alternating sides, until you have the desired height.

Kids Craft Projects Bird feeder-1

Kids Craft Projects Birdfeeder-1-6I bought a box of regular and jumbo craft sticks.  Bob used the regular size to create his feeder, and used a jumbo stick to make a stand for the birds while they feed.  He used a hot glue gun, and managed only a couple of blisters :)

Kids Craft Projects Birdfeeder-1-2Maddie used all jumbo sized sticks for her feeder, and Aleene’s extra fast drying tacky glue.

Kids Craft Projects Birdfeeder-1-3Maddie added washi tape as decoration.

Kids Craft Projects Birdfeeder-1-4Once the feeder has completely dried, use twine to make a hanger and add birdseed.  Voila!