Quest for true love…

I have 3 Fiskars tabletop rotary cutters, 1 Fiskars swing arm trimmer, and 1 Cutterpede cute pink rotary trimmer.  I must say, I still haven't found just the perfect trimmer.  Each one has their own pros, but no one is perfect.  I find myself doing half of my projects with one trimmer, and half with another.  I love the accuracy of my tabletop Fiskars rotary cutter, but it only measures up to 8.5", which drives me bananas!  I love that my swing arm trimmer has a ruler on the arm, which is important for cardmaking, but the measurements just aren't as accurate.  So, I'm thinking of giving this guy a whirl. 

Tonic Studios 12" Guillotine Paper Trimmer w/Large 12" Base

Cutter Any thoughts?  Is this going to be true love???

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