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I have lived in Virginia my entire life, but I have never been to the Cherry Blossom Festival or visited the monuments in Washington DC.  I have heard a lot of people say the same about where they live.  There's something about feeling like you can't be a tourist in your own backyard.  Every single year since I can remember, my hubby and I say we're going to see the cherry blossoms, but we never have.  When Chris was little, we took her to the Smithsonian several times, but we never made the cherry blossoms or walked the extra distance to the monuments.  The official Cherry Blossom Festival doesn't start until March 20th, but we decided to beat the crowds.  It was beautiful.  For those of you who don't know, in 1912 Japan gifted DC 3,000 cherry trees.  This year is a special celebration because it is the 100 year anniversary.  For more info visit http://www.nationalcherryblossomfestival.org/about/2012-centennial/

BdayBook-2It was well worth the wait, and didn't disappoint.  We walked to the Tidal Basin to see the trees, then we headed back up the National Mall to see more monuments and the Capitol Building.

BdayBookBob holding the whole Washington Monument in his hand.  Pretty impressive. 

BdayBook-5Thomas Jefferson Memorial (being from Charlottesville, I liked this one a lot)

BdayBook-10Capitol Building
BdayBook-13Orchid exhibited at the US Botantic Garden
BdayBook-11It was so much fun, I can't wait to start a scrapbook!!!  That's right, scrapping is a thought that's never far away.  It just so happened that 2 very perfect collections from Pink Paislee  just arrived in the store that would be perfect for a mini album to commemorate my trip.

London Market would be the perfect mix of travel and shabby chic.  But…

Springjubileecollection_buttonSpring Jubilee is the perfect spring collection with cherry blossoms on it!!

I NEED your help!!!!  Which collection should I use????  Click on the collection images above to view the entire collection.  Take a look, then leave a comment on this blog post telling me which collection you think I should use.  You have until March 29th to leave a comment.  On Friday, March 30th I will pick a winner to receive a $20 gift certificate to www.melissasamuels.net that you can use toward scrapping your spring trip!!!!

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  1. If I were you, I’d pick the Spring Jubilee collection! Its absolutely gorgeous and PERFECT with your photos!

  2. I miss going to the cherry blossom festival in dc each year which we did when living in baltimore. my thoughts on paper line….even though I love Spring Jubilee I think that London Market would make the photos just shine instead of competing with them. thanks for the chance to win can’t wait til you share the mini of the trip you never fail to inspire me

  3. Love the Cherry Blosssom Festival in D.C.! Both collections are fabulous, and as much as I like shabby chic, I would have to choose the Spring Jubilee to scrap those photos! Spring is bursting with color and so is the Spring Jubilee Collection!

  4. Well you know how well I decide. . . I am sure you could find a way to incorporate both collections . . so as to not feel like you were cheating on one over the other! LOL! :) If I had to pick one it would be London Market especially if you have the old buildings/landmarks! Whatever you choose it will be fabulous!!!!!!!!!

  5. so torn between both of the choices, if it was me I would use both , but if I had to just choose one it would be London Market…………….

  6. Better be Spring Jubilee my dear, as those fabulous photo’s of Washington, D.C. deserve a Spring motif, not a British one!!! LOL!!! Check your history books dear:) LOL!!! I will be purchasing the London Market collection though! It’s Fabulous!!! :) :) xx

  7. Such a hard decision! I think Spring Jubilee as you can leverage some of the Prima Sun Kiss embellishments with them to add variety. I love the London Market paper but seems to not feel right with the DC theme. But I have to say, some of that upcoming Everyday Poetry paper by Webster’s pages would look very pretty with those cherry blossoms! But I digress!

    Whatever you do will be beautiful. Hope to see photos posted on your blog when you complete! :)

  8. Hands down Spring Jubilee-Just love it!
    Thanks for sharing the pics of your day-I haven’t been there in years and Never seen the cherry blossoms either.So beautiful!

  9. I would love to see the cherry blossoms in person!
    Your pictures are great! I like the shabby chic of London Market and also like the Spring Jubilee, but to me it’s too bright for the delicate cherry blossoms. Can you not use both and/or shabby chic the Spring Jubilee to tone it down ????? I know that you have ways to distress whatever you choose and will end up gorgeous and have all of us wishing that we could buy the kit to make one just like yours!!!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win a gift certificate to my favorite place to shop!!!!

  10. Spring Jubilee would be a wonderful choice. I love all the spring images in the collection and the soft spring colors. How fun to be in Washington D.C. to see all the cherry blossoms!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. I vote London Market!! It still has the floral vibe and I feel that the colors will match the photos above best. I say use London Market for the D.C. trip and plan somewhere else to go so you can use Spring Jubille as well! 😉 This is coming from someone who buys the scrappy goods FIRST, and then comes up with the pictures to go with em! Thanks for the chance!

  12. They are both so gorgeous that it was hard for me to make a choice for you! Loved the papers and embellishments in both collections, but I think the stamps in Spring Jubilee beat out the competition. So my vote goes to Spring Jubilee!

  13. Definitely London Market! Wonderful pictures and it looks like you had a great time. I’m a native Virginian and have YET to go while the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom. Bad girl!

  14. While the stamps in Spring Jubilee are great the colors could overwhelm your beautiful cherry blossom pictures. I suggest going with London Market. I love the stamps in this set too as well as all the buttons. The colors in these papers would really let your pictures pop. Just leave the touristy papers for another project.

  15. I like both collections, but for your pictures with the beautiful cherry blossoms, I’d definitely use Spring Jubilee. The papers are lovely and the stamps are a must for gorgeous pages, along with the yummy embellishments. I can’t wait to see what you decide to create. I know it’ll be spectacular as always!

  16. I wish you a wonderful time at Washington DC, your pictures are fantastic:)
    I really like those collections but my favorite is London Market and for your project, if you can use both, it could be nice !

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