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I don’t know about you guys, but I ALWAYS have about a 1/2 dozen projects going at once in the studio.  I’ll start something, and then another great idea will occur to me, then off I go to the next project.  Or, when a new collection comes in that I’m completely swooning over, I drop everything to make something out of it. 

I thought it might be fun to give you a glimpse at what’s in progress on my desktop at the moment. 

Rainbow (1 of 1)-4This was one of those stress relieving breaks. I started it as a card, but now I’m thinking I may turn it into a little book.  I may cut about 4 or 5 more sheets of paper, folded, and glue them together into a journal.  I LOVE to just experiment…no clear plan…no set rules….just fun!

I have to tell you that my little card, book, journal, thingy was inspired by my breakfast.  Yep, breakfast.  I used to skip breakfast all the time, and by the middle of the day I would always be starving.  Quite often, even though I was hungry, I would be so busy I would skip lunch.  After not eating all day, I’d have a giant smorgasbord of high calorie, high fat foods for dinner.  Now, no matter how busy I get I almost always eat something. 

Breakfast (1 of 1)One of my favorite quick and easy breakfasts is 1/2 cup (measured)
non-fat yogurt, fresh fruit, unsweetened coconut, and sometimes 1 tablespoon of
granola.  There’s no cooking involved, so I can eat and be out the door.  It’s a great start to the day, and by lunch I’m not starving so I don’t overeat.

Not only is it satisfying and healthy, it’s very pretty.  Yellow=Yum, Yum!!  Hence my little project. 

Speaking of yellow, it happens to be Lily’s FAVORITE color (followed closely by pink).  So, it only seemed natural to include some of her work.  (FYI, Lily is my 4 year-old daughter)  Her most prized possession is her rainbow bear she got at Build-A-Bear Workshop.  She drew the most precious picture of her bear, and Maddie’s bear, Teddy, getting married.

Rainbow (1 of 1)-3Too stinking cute for words, right?!!

Okay, so next time you’re having a meal, think of all of the art possibilities! 


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