Under the weather

My daughter came home from school with a cold last week, and shared it with everyone in the house.  My little ones were sick a few days ago, but they seem to be doing better today.  I knew I was coming down with it too, but I was trying to fend it off with vitamin C and Zicam.  Yesterday morning, the day of my first class for the fall quarter, I woke up defeated.  My throat was sore and I felt tired and achy.  But, as they say, the show must go on, right?!  I made it to class, and it was fantastic.  What a lovely and talented group of ladies.  They made me forget I was sick, and we had a great class. 

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  1. Hope you are feeling better! It’s that time of the season now and everyone is so prone to be getting sick!
    I’m sick too! Just got the bug 2 days ago and I HATE it! The sad part is who knows how many times I’ll get it because I’m a nurse at the hospital and I deal with sooooo many sick patients!
    So I hope your feeling better and hope to see your creations again!!

    Take care!!

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