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Melissa T. and I drove 2 hours on Friday to the Handcraft House in Madison for their "going out of business sale."  I'm embarrassed to tell you how much $$$ I spent.  We both almost had a panic attack when we were given our total.  Of course, having tons of new things to play with meant we had to get together and scrap!  So, Monday we scrapped, and Melissa made a super cute Christmas mini album!  You can go to her blog to get details on how you can win it, and the proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Foundation. 

MelissaT Album

I guess being overwhelmed from the amount of "stuff" I had, Melissa (the other Melissa) decided we should clean and organize my scrapbook room.  It sounded like a great idea.  Off to Target we went, at 9:30pm, to get organizing drawers.  We we got home and started pulling out all of the bags I had piled up of things I've bought from Memories Galore, all still unopened. I realized I have a problem.  I had bought things I didn't remember buying!  Wow!  Bags upon bags of paper and embellishments!  We filled up 5 sets of drawer organizers from unopened bags of scrapbook supplies!  Melissa (the other Melissa) came back the next morning and we worked most of the day to organize it all.  It looks much better, but it still needs some work.  I took before pictures, and someday, hopefully, there will be after pictures:)


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