Sweet Season Christmas House with Mini Album Tutorial

It's tutorial time!!  Let's jump in, and get to it!  Oh, and by the way, this limited edition kit is available in my shop.

(1 of 1) I started by painting the edges, corners, and roof of the house with gesso.  I also painted the windows, door, and heart.  White acrylic paint would work great (and is included in the kit).  I just grabbed what I had.

(1 of 1)-31 I picked the papers I wanted to use to cover the house with, made a mark with a pencil where I wanted to cut them down, and cut them in the paper trimmer.

(1 of 1)-32I trimmed up the top corners of the front and back of the house.
(1 of 1)-4 I used Mod Podge to cover the house with paper.  You could also used gel medium or good old Scor-Tape for this.

(1 of 1)-5 After it dried, I painted the edges with more gesso (white acrylic paint would work great) to soften the line between the paper and the house.  I wiped off the excess with a paper towel , so you can still see the image.

(1 of 1)-6 I painted the roof with Folk Art Bayberry acrylic paint (included in the kit).  Can you tell it's one of my favorite colors by the ginormous bottle?!

(1 of 1)-7 I cut paper to fit the roof, tacked it in place with a small dot of tape, traced the chimney hole on the inside, removed the paper, and cut out the rectangle I just traced.

(1 of 1)-9 I used Scor-Tape (but you could Mod Podge or gel medium) to tape the paper for the roof in place.

(1 of 1)-10 I added Scor-Tape to the underside of the roof line to attach the pleated ribbon.

(1 of 1)-11 I did this all the way around the roof.

(1 of 1)-12 Then, onto the little parts and pieces.  I heat embossed them, first by inking them with white pigment ink.

(1 of 1)-13 Then, I sprinkled them with embossing powder, tapped off the excess, and heat set it with a heat gun.

(1 of 1)-14 Done!

(1 of 1)-16 I Scor-Taped transparency to the back of the windows.

(1 of 1)-15 I made curtains out of the scraps.

(1 of 1)-17 I Scor-Taped them to the transparency.  Then, I taped them to each side of the house.

(1 of 1)-18I added the strip of lace to the middle of the roof with Scor-Tape (of course), and cut out the chimney.

(1 of 1)-24I added lace all the way around the arch of the roof (each end), and sides of the bottom roof line.

                          (1 of 1)-21  (1 of 1)-22
I attached pink rose ribbon to the top of the chimney.
(1 of 1)-23 I attached the chimney to the house with Glossy Accents.

(1 of 1)-33 I punched the scraps with a Fiskars Apron Lace punch (lace punched strips are included in the kit), and layered the in the arch of the roof on the house.  I added a flower vine at the top of the door…a little tutu for the dress form.

(1 of 1)-27 Voila! 

(1 of 1)-28

(1 of 1)-29

(1 of 1)-30

(1 of 1)-35

(1 of 1)-34 This kit is available in my shop.  Click here to buy now.  Quantities are limited.  (I do not plan on doing this house as a UStream show. )


Christmas Accordion Ablum (cover

The Christmas Accordion Album kit for my Ustream show on November 30th is sold out, BUT it should be back in stock tomorrow.  You can  pre-order now, or visit my shop tomorrow.  Check out my UStream Channel to view upcoming shows live, or watch the recordings.

 11/23 UPDATE: THIS KIT IS BACK IN STOCK & Ready to ship!!

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  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww HOW adorable is that! I LOVE projects like this. They are so much fun to do – and if you have LOTS of room you could do one a month :)

  2. Oh how I enjoyed watching this little house come together. It’s lovely. It reminds me of when I was a little girl, and we would take boxes and crayons and glue and just create all kinds of accessories for the box house. I use to love those. This is the grown up version and just as much fun. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, and thank for sharing on the Boardwalk Bragfest!

  3. Oh my goodness, how terrifically sweet. Thank you for this tutorial. I do houses but they are not like this. I very much like this pattern. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Susan @ CluckleBees

  4. I really like that binding and I’m thinking of using the same on a wedding mini for a friend.This is such a beautiful mini.It is very feminine.I did come to a couple of snags. For some reason the brush tool wasn’t on my Full Effect tab.

  5. Nice piece, i remember looking somewhere else to do with this. Made me want to do another search in yahoo for more info and found your blog post. Great piece

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