“Story of Our Lives” Mixed Media Album

Fancy pants mixed media album-1-3

When I create something, whether it's a card, mini album, or canvas, when I'm done it feels good to stand back and say, "That's me!"  I pour myself into my work, and it feels good to feel like I have captured who I am, and what I love, in a piece.  Hopefully, if you are an artist, you can identify with what I'm saying (versus thinking, "Melissa's gone off the deep end!" lol).  It's gratifying to have an idea, an image, a mere concept, in your head, and have that translate into a tangible form for everyone else to see, and hopefully enjoy. 

This album was exactly that, an idea and a concept I had.  It turned out just as I had hoped.  I love the artist edition bracket-shaped album by Fancy Pants that's full of mixed media pages (canvas, felt, mirrored paper, corrugated paper, etc.), the soft, soothing colors of the papers, the texture of the flowers, layers created by using rub-ons, the ribbon…it's everything I love.  I can't wait to put photos in it, and do some journaling.

  Fancy pants mixed media album-1-4

Fancy pants mixed media album-1-5

Fancy pants mixed media album-1

Fancy pants mixed media album-1-6

Fancy pants mixed media album-1-2

Fancy pants mixed media album-1-7

Fancy pants mixed media album-1-8

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  1. Hi Melissa: I hope you are enjoying your weeking. I wanted to drop by and let you know that I chose your mixed media album to be one of my features for “Bookmarked on the Boardwalk”. I know that others will be as equally inspired as I have been by your project. You can take a look at the feature here:


    Feel free to grab the “bookmarked” button, if you like, and congratulations on a great project!

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