Springtime Canvas

Yesterday I needed a little break from work to just play, so I set aside the evening to create whatever I wanted.  I couldn't remember the last time I made a canvas, so that was going to be it…a canvas!  I grabbed some acrylic paint, glaze, gel medium, my Once Upson A Springtime 8×8 paper pad, and a 4×4 canvas.  It felt so good to just paint…adding layers of color until I could see on canvas what I had invisioned.  To me that is happiness.

Canvas (1 of 1)

Canvas (1 of 1)-2

Canvas (1 of 1)-3
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  1. This is beautiful :) Funny, I wanted to create this weekend, so I too choose canvas. It dries so quickly that you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee between layers! Thanks for the inspriation.

  2. Hi Melissa:)
    Love your mini Springtime Canvas!
    It’s adorable, and has shades of Ireland:)
    Well done:)
    Cheers from Victoria, B.C.

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