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I was so excited when I found this photo frame on clearance for $3.49!  It has three frames for photos, which means it's perfect since I have three girls!  I know you're probably thinking what I was when I was in the store, "$3.49 is all it's worth, it should be on clearance."  Well, I had to use my imagination.  I remembered the golden rule, everything is pretty with Prima flowers on it. 

Here's what I did.

Picture frame-1-2

A coat of gesso and acrylic paint, and it was the perfect canvas.  
Picture frame-1-5

Picture frame-1-6Picture frame-1-3

Some stamping, a touch of Prima flowers, and rub-ons transformed it into something pretty.

Picture frame edit

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  1. I have to laugh at you Melissa…..and myself…I bought the same frame, several of them actually, too!! Love what you did with yours!!

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  3. That’s clever! It looked like a plain beauty before. But after you decorated it with flowers, it became more than that! It’s not just the flowers that made it gorgeous, but also the word “love.” Of course, everything done with love is absolutely wonderful. The photos of your kids would perfectly fit those frames. Where did you hang it, btw? 😀

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