Little Book of Love

I've had this little canvas book for months, and I've been "dying" to work on it.  I was either too busy working on classes, or I would look at it and think it was too cute to use.  I know it's silly, but we've all done it, right?!  We buy the cutest sheet of paper or pack of embellishments, take it home, and then put it away for a special project worthy of using it.  Often times, that special project never comes.  So, my book has been sitting in a drawer waiting for me.  Today, I decided I needed a little break from work and college "stuff" for Chris, so I pulled it out and made what you see.  It was great stress relief, and I don't know why I didn't do it sooner :)  Hope you enjoy!



Oh, and here's to hoping this washes off.  Six hand washings and I'm still hoping…

Canvas book-hand

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  1. I keep a spray bottle with a little bleach and water to spritz on my hands after a messy ink day. You may smell like chlorine, but at least the color is gone.

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