La Blanche Demo at CHA Summer 2011

My strategy when I go to CHA is to spend the first day looking, particularly when finding new vendors, and then going back the second day to order once I've looked at everything and processed it all.  The first vendor that immediately caught my eye when I hit the show floor was La Blanche.  They are a German company that makes silicon stamps that have amazing detail.  I was blown away by the designs and quality of the stamps.  The demo and samples were out of this world amazing!  I went back to my hotel that evening, and all I could think about was going back to order for the online store (almost in a panic as if they weren't going to be there for 2 more days!).  Of course, I ordered, and we'll be carrying a great selections of these stamps at well as the La Blanche Workshop book, which is written in English and German with lots of great step-by-step instructions with color photos.  Email me at  if you want to pre-order a copy.

CHA (1 of 1)-12Here's a fabulous demo of how to use these gorgeous stamps.  A big thank you to Jacqueline for letting us film.


CHA summer 2011 (1 of 1)-6 The samples were absolutely amazing! 

CHA (1 of 1)-4
CHA summer 2011 (1 of 1)-7
CHA (1 of 1)-10
CHA (1 of 1)-9
CHA (1 of 1)-11
CHA summer 2011 (1 of 1)-8
CHA (1 of 1)-25
CHA (1 of 1)-26
CHA (1 of 1)-27
CHA (1 of 1)-28
CHA (1 of 1)-29 Keep an eye on the online store
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  1. I FELL IN LOVE with these products when I seen them!
    I have several pics on my facebook albums of more of their projects.
    What is the workbook going to sell for?
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Great blog post Melissa! Thanks so much for the tutorial and all the creative ideas for the LaBlanche Stamp line! Can’t wait for the book! Cheers!

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