Kids’ Summer Craft Project – Popsicle Bird feeder

Hey Everyone!  Summer is in full swing, and if you have little ones running around, I have a fun project to keep their little hands busy.  Every so often I like to have “craft day” at our house.  I pull out tons of art supplies, and let the girls have at it.  It is a wonderful way to have some family time, and who doesn’t love a good craft project?

Kids Craft ProjectsI thought it would be great fun to make bird feeders out of popsicle sticks.  This is a neat project for the entire family, and makes the birds happy.  We gathered our supplies, and took our crafting fun out onto the deck.

Kids Craft Project Birdfeeder-1-5 It is a simple project, and only requires popsicle sticks, glue, and twine or ribbon.  You start by laying out a square of sticks.  Then, add glue (either hot glue, or a fast drying tacky glue) to 2 sticks and place one at each end of the square .  Then, put a dot of glue in each corner, and add sticks to the other 2 sides.  Keep gluing sticks into place, alternating sides, until you have the desired height.

Kids Craft Projects Bird feeder-1

Kids Craft Projects Birdfeeder-1-6I bought a box of regular and jumbo craft sticks.  Bob used the regular size to create his feeder, and used a jumbo stick to make a stand for the birds while they feed.  He used a hot glue gun, and managed only a couple of blisters :)

Kids Craft Projects Birdfeeder-1-2Maddie used all jumbo sized sticks for her feeder, and Aleene’s extra fast drying tacky glue.

Kids Craft Projects Birdfeeder-1-3Maddie added washi tape as decoration.

Kids Craft Projects Birdfeeder-1-4Once the feeder has completely dried, use twine to make a hanger and add birdseed.  Voila!


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