Inspired Project-Fabric

Now, we're to my favorite class, Alisa Burke's Beneath the Surface Workshop.  She's a mixed media artist with a background in fine arts.  She's the author of Canvas Remix, and has another mixed media book coming out in, I believe, August.  In this class we basically created colorful fabric out of canvas and muslin.  This was my favorite because I love working with canvas, and nothing makes me happier than painting.   Yes, I was in heaven in this class.

Inspired 5-2011 (1 of 1)-4 This is my canvas fabric.  I thought it looked like graffiti. 

Inspired 5-2011 (1 of 1)-5 Here's my muslin fabric.

I'm thinking they would make awesome art journal covers, and after sewing that tote I'm ready to pull out the sewing machine for the first time in 15 years!

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