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Here’s some more pictures of my projects at Donna Downey’s Inspired. This is a canvas taught by Lolly Chessie, who designs for Prima and Crate Paper.  This was probably the most relaxing class for me, because Lolly gave instructions on how to make the canvas and then let us have at it.  I had been up REALLY late the night before (and everyone who knows me knows I’m the worst student ever), so I did mine a little different than the sample.  It may not be as pretty and intricate as Lolly’s, but it was fun.

Here’s Lolly’s pretty sample…

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Here’s mine…

RosesPosse (1 of 1) And, a little off the subject, the humidity in NC is crazy.  No matter how much I tried to straighten my hair, I had this crazy frizzy hair thing going on the whole weekend.  Nice…

  Inspired 5-2011 (1 of 1)-16Here’s my buddy Kitty.  After my late night, we decided to switch tasks.  She sorted my leaves, and I hot glued her burlap in place.  We made a pretty darn good team.

Inspired 5-2011 (1 of 1)-15 Is she not the most adorable person ever?!

Inspired 5-2011 (1 of 1)-13 Here’s some other crafty chics that were in my group for the whole event.  They were a trip (do people still say trip?)

Inspired 5-2011 (1 of 1)-8 One last little project for today.  Cari Fennell from Prima did this quick little make ‘n take.  I may have to borrow this idea.

I still have a couple more projects to show, so make sure you come back tomorrow.

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