Graphic 45 at CHA Summer 2010

While at CHA I saw so much beauty and splendor, but I must admit I had a favorite.  I thought Graphic 45's display was the most creative & intriguing, and pulled me right in.  Their Steampunk Debutante collection was definitely a "stand out."  I loved the modern colors, but vintage design & appeal.  The contrast between dark vintage tones and the bright teal is genius.  The steampunk style & theme is perfectly done.  My teenage daughter introduced me to steampunk jewelry about a year ago, and I love it!  I'm glad to see steampunk making its way into scrapbooking.  This collection is absolute perfection.  I also loved their new Graphic 45 Staples collection.  All of the pieces look like a perfect add-on to just about any of their other collections.  I'm extremely excited to see them coming out with mini albums and embellishments!  Hallowe'en In Wonderland had already hit stores, so I have it of course, and it wasn't a big surprise, but the display was magnificent.

Here's just a small sample of what I saw.  If this doesn't inspire you, nothing will.  I'm dying to get my hands on some and start creating!

Diane Schultz (Creative Genius) giving away very generous & coveted prizes.

CHA summer 2010 (1 of 1)-20
CHA summer 2010 (1 of 1)-19
CHA summer 2010 (1 of 1)-18  
CHA summer 2010 (1 of 1)-12
CHA summer 2010 (1 of 1)-16
CHA summer 2010 (1 of 1)-11
CHA summer 2010 
(1 of 1)-9CHA summer 2010 (1 of 1)-10 

CHA summer 2010 (1 of 1)-14
CHA summer 2010 (1 of 1)-15  
CHA summer 2010 (1 of 1)
CHA summer 2010 (1 of 1)-2
CHA summer 2010 (1 of 1)-4
CHA summer 2010 (1 of 1)-5
CHA summer 2010 (1 of 1)-6
CHA summer 2010 (1 of 1)-8
CHA summer 2010 g45 (1 of 1)

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  1. this is becoming a favorite go to line, for me. I also LOVE the Alice in Wonderland, Halloween line, will be using it for a mini book.

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