Dinner Theater Anyone?

You all may have heard me mention on UStream that Bob was working on a theater for the girls.  Well, here it is! 

Theater (1 of 1) He started with the grill box that we just bought.  He cut out a little window for the stage, added a corrugated board (that came in the box) to reinforce the top and bottom of  stage window, cut a door and some crazy awesome scroll work out of the flap.  Don't ask me how, but I believe power tools were involved…

Theater (1 of 1)-2 We both grabbed a paintbrush and some craft paint and went to town (that may be a southern expression).

Theater (1 of 1)-3 This is where I become useful.  I grabbed a jar of gel medium and a pack of Graphic 45 Curtain Call paper and started covering the box in paper.

Theater (1 of 1)-4 To make it totally over the top, he added Stick 'em lights to the corrugated board at the top of the window.  We added curtains and trim…

Theater (1 of 1)-8

Theater (1 of 1)-5 A perfect theater worthy of 2 little princesses!

Theater (1 of 1)-6 Of course, the first show had to feature Barbie!

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  1. REALLY???? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The end result is AMAZING! You AND Bob ROCKKKKK!!! And, those 2 precious little girls of yours are going to have hours and hours of FUNNN and GREAT TIMES playing :)

  2. OMG Melissa that is absolutely adorable! LOVE IT! Glad to see your husband is as handy as mine and always willing to pull out the tools to whip something up for his girls! :)

  3. MOGoodness, this is aaawesome!!!
    I’ll share it in my blog tomorrow for a special bi-weekly post of cool links!!!
    My friends are going to love it!!!!

  4. Makes me want to go out and buy a grill just to get the box!!! :) Absolutely amazingly beautiful. How lucky the girls are to have a stage others only dream about!!!

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