Christmas Cottage

Those of you who are my Facebook friends (and if you aren't you should be!) you may have read my post about buying a glue gun and Bob hijacking it from me before I even used it.  I was entirely too excited about him wanting to do something crafty to really care.  I think he sees me spending hours of my time creating things, and  the joy that it brings me.  I believe he wanted to see what all the hoopla was about.  Well, he found out, and now he's hooked!!  Yep, I've created a monster.  He spent two solid days working on what was supposed to be a simple gingerbread house for the kids.  I think it's more of a Christmas Cottage, or maybe a scaled replica of our dream vacation home. 

If you think it looks impressive wait until you hear how he made it.  He started with ordinary 12×12 chipboard that I have in my shop, cut out a design, hot glued it together, and painted it with white acrylic paint.  Next, he hot glued the shingles, which are Rips candy, to the roof.  He whipped up royal icing to use as mortar for the peppermints that he used as stones for the foundation and chimney.  He also piped icing on the porch roof and ground to simulate snow.  He made sugar glass window panes by melting sugar and pouring it out into sheets.  He used Twizzlers to tie tiny little bows on peppermint wreaths, and to outline the roof.  He must be really, really tired!

Christmas Cottage-Bob (1 of 1)

Christmas Cottage-Bob (1 of 1)-2

Christmas Cottage-Bob (1 of 1)-3

Christmas Cottage-Bob (1 of 1)-6
Christmas Cottage-Bob (1 of 1)-5 Christmas Cottage-Bob (1 of 1)-10
Christmas Cottage-Bob (1 of 1)-9 I know, isn't he awesome?!?



  My UStream show is tonight (click here to go to my UStream Channel).  I'll be making my Christmas Accordion Mini Album. 

Christmas Accordion Ablum (1 of 1)-5
The kit is available for purchase in my shop (click here to buy now).  They are back in stock and ready to ship.  Order yours today, because this will be the last batch for this kit.  After the live show tonight, the recording will be available for viewing on my UStream channel.

A big thank you to all of you who participated in the Passionately Artistic Blog Hop yesterday.  If you haven't hopped yet, read yesterday's post.  It was the Kickoff to our 12 Days of Christmas over at Passionately Artistic, so be sure to check in daily over there for exciting projects and inspiration.

Thank you to Maggie and all of the designers over at Passionately Artistic for the warm welcome!  I'm excited to be apart of their team!   Here's their beautiful post spotlighting me.

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19 responses

  1. What an amazing house! What a talented husband you have! My husband did borrow my glue gun, but all he did was fix his brief case! Well done to your husband.

  2. WOW! Robert may need to have his OWN ustream show on how to make this “simple” (LOL!) house!!! Tell him…KUDOS for creativity & craftiness!! :)

  3. This is amazing! I love making houses during holidays, but I didn’t think of a house made of sweets.

    TY a mill for giving me an inspiration. I might try this coming days ahead.

    Happy TTT…

  4. YEAH!! both you and your hubby are both so awesome at creating! :) I love that he learned it from you.

    I’ve been away from your blog too long… look at all the pretty things you’ve made! I need go see the rest :)


  5. I don’t think my Mr. Wonderful would touch my glue gun with a 10 foot pole, lol. He did a fabulous job! I is just darlin’ ;o)

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