Art Journaling Background Tutorial Using Ink Sprays and a Stencil

Hi Everyone!  Today I want to share with you a simple tutorial on creating a background in your art journal. I was experimenting with a new ink spray that I was testing out to see if I wanted to carry in my store (and I am).  It is called Lindy’s Stamp Gang, and it comes in 5 bottle color coordinated sets.  The bottles come with just powder in them, and you add hot water.  I am a Glimmer Mist freak, so I was very interested in these sprays.  I have to say, I love them.   The darker color took a little scrubbing to get off, but I think the effect was worth it.  The technique that I am about to show you could be done using Glimmer Mist or Dylusions ink sprays.

Let’s get started!  I always place a sheet of heavy cardstock under the pages that I am working on to protect the other pages in the journal.  I am working with a Dylusions 12×9 Creative Journal.  I have not prepped the pages.

The only supplies you will need are ink sprays, a stencil, paint brush, white acrylic paint, and an art journal.

artjournalLindys-1Spray the 2 shades of green randomly onto the page, and dry (with a heat gun or hairdryer)…

artjournalLindys-1-2add the pink, and dry…

artjournalLindys-1-3then fill in with the teal, and dry…

artjournalLindys-1-4Next, add the dark blue.  It is very dark, so a little goes a long way.

artjournalLindys-1-5Spray your stencil with the teal ink spray to use it as a stamp.

artjournalLindys-1-6I learned from stopping to take a picture, if you want a crisp image, you really want to get in and get out.  Place your stencil down, press, and lift…no waiting around or the image will bleed.

artjournalLindys-1-7Repeat in rows across the page.

artjournalLindys-1-8Once the entire page is done you will have this wonderful watercolor effect with the negative image of the flowers.

artjournalLindys-1-9Using the stencil (as a stencil not a stamp), paint flowers at the bottom of the page using white acrylic craft paint.

artjournalLindys-1-28artjournalLindys-1-29Now you have this easy, beautiful background waiting for journaling, doodling, a border, stamping, photos, you name it!  Sometimes I will create several background pages, then go back when I come across the perfect quote, stamp, or image and finish the page when I have more time and/or inspiration strikes.

In yesterday’s blog post I created another art journaling page.  Believe it or not, I used the same ink sprays for my background except I primed my page with gesso before I started.  It gives a softer effect because not as much paint is absorbed into the paper.

artjournalLindys-1-20In addition to the ink sprays, I also stamped the greenery with teal permanent ink, and used a lime green chalk ink around the border, fyi.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and realize how easy it is to get started in your art journal creating simple backgrounds.

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